Monday, March 21, 2011

Out Takes in Life: Miracles and Mishaps

Well the other day to be exact the Sunday before last. My boyfriend and me were going to go out to a waterfall he'd taken me to before we started dating 9 months ago something cute, sweet and charming much like the man that had planned the vendetta. However, we crossed a sign that said something about another waterfall or something cool, and deciding to be a spontaneous duo decided "hey lets do that instead!" So we switch course and head that way only to discover that path was still snow covered and Zac being the responsible individual he is was like this isn't a good idea and we start to reverse out of there, and being the concerned person I am ( I seem to think that whenever something odd happens it just MUST  be for a reason of utmost divine intervention and life changing event!) say "WAIT! what if we're supposed to go up there to save someone who's stuck!!" Zac laughs and just a few seconds later we find ourselves stuck in lose snow! Instantly the prepared braveheart starts trying to get us unstuck and I begin wondering if a bear comes would we have time to hide in the car and would it protect us? I share my concerns. Grizzles would destroy the car and we should climb a tree, however if its a black bear the car will do. good to know right? well no bears but we struggle with the car for quite a while trying to wedge our picnic blanket under the tire to give it tread attempting to wrap snow chains on already stuck in snow tires. Nothing worked. Needless to say there was some mental prayers said. So here we are stuck on a no where road stuck in snow with a car the two of us can't push out (sorry no tough macho arms on me! ) Its freezing my hands hurt and I can see that Zac's are red. Definitely not the ideal circumstances, however, nonetheless character building.when this black SUV looking thing pulls into the cove where we were I immediately wave for their attention. The car sits there for a minute or so and I hope they feel bad and come help us. After a little bit the car comes over and out comes a young woman with a little boy. She immediately offers help and tries to push. She says she's got four wheel drive and can pull us out but neither of us has a tow rope. She tells us theres a place down the street and that she will go see if they have a rope or something and that she'll be back. We agree (like we have a choice?) and off she goes, me and Zac continue to see if there is something that we can do while shes gone this was when the snow chain idea comes out and we try and try, not quite sure if she'll come back but hopeful, and lo and behold she does! with a chain and we attach it there is spinning tires and no immediate fix. We figure we need to realign but the chain gets stuck after another struggle this woman still willing to help us! We eventually get the car free! She offered us snacks and then was off after we thanked her. Curious I wonder how she saw us there his white car in the snow and I'm sure she couldn't see us from the road. As we leave I look back to see if she just noticed us from the road, and no from the angle I looked back at the slight bend in the road covered where we were. it turns out WE were the car that was stuck awaiting help and she was the spontaneous traveler that felt some miraculous prompting to help us. My heart was touched I wanted to cry she was definitely an angel here on earth. I would call that one of the beautiful moments of my life

Now for the mishap nasty gross from yoga and abs that ROCK! I decided I really needed a shower before I contaminated my bed with nastiness. I cruise into the bathroom to find the toilet at that weird not-clogged-but-gross-toilet-paper-shallow-watered state where it just can't be used!! So I decide that I will do something nice like un-not-clogg it so it's nice. So I start with a simple flush. Failure. I plunge and repeat the next attempt at a plunge resulted with NASTY TOILET WATER SPLATTERING ACROSS MY FACE AND GYM CLOTHES! needless to say in a terrified tone hollering in melodramatic teenage horror! Needless to say sometimes trying to do something nice can end up awfully dirty, but you build your character and learn how not to do things... like sloshing around a plunger haphazardly! I decided to call my brother (it's his birthday) and tell him hoping he'll laugh... it's a really classy voicemail that is awaiting him...

Well make the most out of your mishaps and see the beauty in your personal God given miracles!
~The Self-Proclaimed Explorer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well Like the Title suggest this is my life

      Well, I've been planning on making a blog for a little bit here, but I was going to wait for more substantial things to happen in my life, but that isn't how these things work. My twin started her blog and then there was a string of Roommates and friends to start and then I discovered I had family that blogged and suddenly the peer pressure was up haha. I never really know what to say in these things so I did one of the things I do best and procrastinated actually typing the blog, but now here I am. I'll assume that most any one that will read this already knows a little about me, but I'll share anyways. I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latterday saints. Yes I believe in God, Jesus and a Plan for happiness after we get through the nittygritty we call Earth life. Earth isn't to bad I like it here, I'm learning in school at Idaho where it's so cold you want to cry! But today I saw the sun and it was like a hallelujah choir I can see spring singing in the distance and all the dreams I have built up into next semester such as getting a new stamp in my passport and seeing a new piece of this wonderful planet and learning about a new group of people! I'm eager and excited as I get days closer to permanent hot sunshine and an inescapable tan!! Hola Mexico! However, first I must survive the melting slush of Idaho and more than likely at some point there will  be that unavoidable slip like last Thursday when harmlessly making my way to class my feet were guiding me one second followed swiftly by the slobbery wet ground leaving a lovely wet mark down my leg like I had attempted to make a homerun on the grass luckily my knight in a panda hoodie yanked me up so fast I was on my feet in no time. It was one of those moments in life where everything was over immediately after it started and there was nothing you could do to change it. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.
     Not sure what else to share about my life I'm looking forward to the future laughing about the present and who knows about the past right? what can we really do about that? I'd like to think I'm learning from it because it is what it is and if you can't learn from it then what's its point?
      I love my life and even though I live in the Midwest's version of Alaska I wouldn't change it for the world. I've been able to enjoy so much of the snowy wasteland of Rexburg it's been worth every shiver. I've met a wonderful little lovebug and lots of new friends. I've been able to talk my roommates into recycling, however our recycling can sometimes become a reusable monster that dominates our living room corner just before it gets taken to the recycling bins much to everyone's relief haha.
       I'm running a little low on time so just know I'm enjoying the adventure I call my life.

~The Self-Proclaimed Explorer